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Sexy, even in front of the altar.
Roxana Ionescu owns a wedding dress worth of 2.500 Euros.

Roxana Ionescu and her fiancée, Laurentiu, have finally set every detail up for their wedding.
The chosen month is June, the place is called McMoni’s, their godparents will be their best friends, and the wedding dress will be sensational. The lustful blonde will step in front of the altar dressed as sexy as possible. The fashion designer Oana Mizil has conceived it exactly in the same style that she consecrated Roxana - extremely provoking. The future bride refuses, out of superstition, to reveal details about her dress. It seems though, that the dress will be white with a classic cut, combined with a lot of transparency. Of course, the famous low collar will not be missing. The train won’t be missing either. The custom made piece costs 2.500 Euros, money that the blonde got as a gift from her beloved on the “Martisor” day.
Roxana and Laurentiu are in love for two years now, and on the holydays they decided that the moment for them to be together has come. The decision took place near the Christmas tree, which was hiding the engagement ring within the branches.
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